Reflection: Modeling Modeling Addition and Subtraction of Mixed Numbers - Section 4: Independent Closing


 Because there are those magical moments that spark student’s attention, and pull them deeper into the intentions of this lesson, I always want to add the right problem solving ingredients that are essential to delivering this lesson effectively.  I make sure that students know exactly why I am teaching this lesson, and I model how the students should interact as they participating in solving the given set of mathematical problems.

 A fraction with a numerator of one is called a unit fraction. When students investigate fractions other than unit fractions, such as 2/3, they should be able to join (compose) or separate (decompose) the fractions of the same whole.

  Modeling: Teacher's Model
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Modeling Addition and Subtraction of Mixed Numbers

Unit 3: Number & Operations-Fractions
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Objective: Students will be able to use mathematical models to add and subtract mixed numbers.

Big Idea: Given a set of mixed fractions students will be able to show different ways of adding and subtracting mixed numbers using models.

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Math, addition, subtraction, mixed fractions, explaining
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