Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge "Person"ality Traits in the Fables - Section 1: Creating the Purpose


I have students take out their previous lesson on the Ant and the Dove to determine the three problems and solutions. This makes it easier for them to determine a problem/ solution in this new fable because they can use the first as a reference for what to write in each section and for identifying similarities between the two fables. This has the added benefit of addressing the CCSS standard RL 5.9 of comparing and contrasting similar writings.

In that they struggled with identifying the moral - and even still understanding what a moral is? - I feel that with this lesson I need to review what we already did to help them make the connections between the consequences of choices made and how these lessons are morals. I chose this fable because it also demonstrates the mental misconceptions we make (powerful overcomes weaker) and how this creates additional problems because of vanity or pride. I keep a focus on animal characteristics and personification used to let them internalize their thinking to connections to themselves or people they know.

Great way to help them connect this to the real world and to learn that a little humbleness is better than alot of pridefulness.  

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Students Using Resources
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"Person"ality Traits in the Fables

Unit 10: FABLE-olous lessons learned from stories
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT...identify characters, setting, problem, solution and moral in the fable "The Lion and The Mouse" and then relate these to human qualities.

Big Idea: Fables teach morals through the actions of the animals who act and think as people do.

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