Reflection: Checks for Understanding “POPCORN!” - Section 3: Assessment


When first introducing this game, the children need significant modeling of the activity.  If possible, when the children play the game for the first time, I try to have a parent volunteer, high school buddy, or other older student coach them through a game.  The children enjoy these interactions with adults or “big kids” as their mentors. The children think it is fun to have me sit down and play a round with them, too.  This is another way that I can assess the child’s understanding of the popcorn words.

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  Checks for Understanding: Assessment and Games
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Unit 1: Small Group Lessons with Big Impact
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Objective: SWBAT read common high-frequency words by sight. Student Objective: I can read popcorn words while playing a game with my friend. I can follow rules to a game.

Big Idea: Students can read basic sight "popcorn" words.

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