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During the seminar, scholars in my first class started discussing the main points that the author made, but then they started discussing facts but did not link those facts to the main points that the author made.  In between two of the sessions I modeled more of what I expected.  For example, "one of the author's main points is that volcanos make land.  In the text, it says that in Iceland, a volcano formed a new island named Surtsey.  This detail give us an example of a time when a volcano made new land."  Make sure that you don't interrupt seminar.  It is very important for students to take ownership over this time and they will not do that as fluidly if you interrupt them.  If you have feedback to share, only do so in between seminar sessions.  

I modeled this thinking for my first class BEFORE the seminar and it was very helpful to them! They were able to discuss the interaction between details and main ideas much more fluidly.  


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  Gradual Release: Needed a bit more support
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Volcanoes: Main Ideas & Socratic Seminar Continued

Unit 5: Nature's Fury - Part I
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT continue to analyze text by identifying and discussing multiple main ideas in a complex text.

Big Idea: Preparing for the seminar takes time, but is well worth the wait!

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English / Language Arts, inference, perspective, text
  90 minutes
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