Reflection: Student Grouping Writing Full and Engaging Character Descriptions - Section 3: Drawing our Descriptions in Groups


Working in groups after independent writing helped everyone. For those who loved writing character descriptions, they were happy to share their work and receive commendations from their peers. For those who struggled with the character descriptions, they were able to see that they weren't alone in the struggle, and they benefited from hearing what others wrote.

I was a bit nervous while the students were writing because a few seemed so paralyzed, barely writing anything in the 30 minutes. But I felt so much better while they were working in groups because they all seemed settled and motivated. I checked in with a few of the struggling students while everyone was packing up, and they said they were feeling better about their work and had a better idea of how to proceed. Of course, they could have been just been giving me an easy answer, so they could get out at the bell, but I'm hopeful that the activity did help.

  The Power of Group Work
  Student Grouping: The Power of Group Work
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Writing Full and Engaging Character Descriptions

Unit 3: Serial Writing: A Creative Outlet While Reading Great Expectations
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: SWBAT use precise words, telling details, and sensory language to convey a vivid picture of characters by writing and sharing introduction paragraphs for their main characters.

Big Idea: Creating engaging characters, who we can relate to, will help us write engaging stories.

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