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We did not model the process of writing the paragraph.  I would have, but my student teacher thought that since they'd written two literary analysis paragraphs previously, they didn't need it.  Most of the students, because they're the high achievers, did fine. Perhaps not as great as they could have been with modeling, but they did okay.  I certainly would not recommend this type of paragraph with struggling students or average students without modeling. 


I'd choose a passage from another part of the story that was not included in the close reading passage.  For the modeling, I would have focused on choosing quotes from the text for concrete evidence and citing the page number(s) where it was found.  I'd explain how I went about explaining it--in the case of character traits, what does this detail about the character tell us about them?  Is it direct or indirect?  What effect does indirect characterization have on the reader?  (You have to rely more on inference, but it also makes you more connected to the characters).

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Close Reading: Responding in Writing

Unit 4: Analyzing Literature in Socratic Circles with Chaim Potuk’s “Zebra”
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Objective: Students will be able to draw evidence from literary text to support analysis of the author's use of characterization and figurative language by prewriting and drafting an explanatory essay. Students will be able to re-acquire the meaning of certain “Zebra” words by matching words and pictures and identifying synonyms and antonyms.

Big Idea: Close reading gives students room to explore and analyze literature using productive struggle and explicit guidance from the teacher.

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