Reflection: Students with Disabilities Sailing and Detailing - Section 2: Main Sail: Key Ideas So Far


Some of my students that have special needs might not be ready to jump completely into this lesson. They might to have the lesson broken down into stages or be paired with a student that they can work together with. 

If the student wants to work alone, I will only ask them to focus on choosing a main idea for their main sail. I would ask them to start searching and scanning the book for pages that might have information that connects to their main sail. I am only going to ask them to list the page numbers where they found information. They can also use sticky notes to attach to the pages they think they might be able to use.

I will then spend some extra time looking at the pages they selected to see if they indeed match the main idea they wanted to focus on. I can then also guide them through looking for information and how I scan the book looking for relevant information.

Students that want to work in a group, I will make sure to pair them with a good partner that has the same or similar main idea chosen. I do not like to force children to be partnered up, but allow them the chance to choose to work together. 

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Sailing and Detailing

Unit 7: Columbus: Biography Discovery
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: SWBAT write the main idea of a chapter or section of our biography and include key details that support that idea from the text.

Big Idea: We have finished half of our biography and this lesson is to make finding details and the main idea fun. We are are going to use the idea of sailing through our book to help us find important details for a main idea from our biography.

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