Reflection: Unit Exams Assessment Day - Section 3: Zebra Test


The class average for first hour was 78%.  Fourth hour's average was 84%.  The table below shows the percentages scored by each class.



My student teacher was quite freaked out by how much lower first hour scores were compared to fourth hour.  I think she started hyperventilating.  One major factor is that the first time someone teaches something?  It usually not the greatest thing in the world, no matter how much planning someone's done.  The second time is much better because you've had practice.  The directions are better.  You've learned what examples work and don't work.  What contributed to the student who scored an F?  That student had been absent a lot prior to the test, and wasn't doing a great job with staying organized.  He was also absent the day of the test, so the first time he took the test was during an intervention period. 

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Assessment Day

Unit 4: Analyzing Literature in Socratic Circles with Chaim Potuk’s “Zebra”
Lesson 11 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to analyze poems for figurative language and a short story for characterization and motives by taking a test.

Big Idea: Students take a test to prove they know what they say they know.

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