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Students did a great job with today's activity.  I left a picture of what the completed versatile would look like up on my table so that as groups finished they could check without having to interrupt my small group sessions. 

In small group, we really worked on making fractions work for the kids.  With the group I had, the common denominator was the issue for the most part.  Students for so long have had it drilled into their head that they must use the least common denominator...but why? So the teacher doesn't have to do as much work?  In working with my group today, we worked on just getting a common denominator - instead of listing multiples and all that, I had the kids see if one of the numbers went into the other, if so, we used the bigger number as the common denominator (So we only had to do half the work! They loved that rationale.), if not, I had them multiply the two denominators.  That method gave kids a clear cut way of finding a common denominator that would always work, and I found them to be more successful and realize it wasn't so bad. 

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Adding and Subtracting Signed Fractions Fluency Practice

Unit 4: Operations with Rational Numbers
Lesson 15 of 23

Objective: Students will be able to add and subtract signed fractions.

Big Idea: Practice makes perfect! This lesson gives students one on one attention as well as much needed practice time.

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