Reflection: Lesson Planning A Closer Look at Malala - Section 3: Critical Thinking


Through out the course of these three Malala lessons, I was frustrated with the quality of my students' work.  I felt like they weren't digging deeply into the story and using the text plus their own ideas to answer the critical thinking questions.  Here are my thoughts.  I am very used to not having any ELA resources.  If I want a worksheet on a story, I have to create it on my own.  We haven't had a new adoption in 12 years, so for at least the past 5 years, I have been creating my own materials.  

When I stumbled upon Scope, I was elated because not only are the articles amazing, there are resources right there!  I could just print them and use them!  It seemed to good to be true!  I do think that the resources are awesome, but because I didn't create them, the students weren't doing exactly what I wanted them to do. They did a fine job, but never took their thinking to the next level.  I have much better luck with getting my students to cite text and think critically if I write my own questions and create my own lessons.  It all makes sense really.  If I know where I want them to be at the end of the lesson, I plan accordingly.  If I didn't plan the lesson, the students may not ever achieve the goal I have for them.  

I will definitely continue using Scholastic Scope's articles, but next time, I'll try to create my own resources.  As much as I complain about not having a text book and having to scour the internet every time I want new informational text, I think my results are better for it.  Here's to reinventing the wheel...over and over again!

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A Closer Look at Malala

Unit 5: Informational Text
Lesson 3 of 11

Objective: SWBAT read closely to discover the author's purpose.

Big Idea: Read with a purpose.

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