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The first part of this fun lesson and activity is splitting into equal groups. I want them to try to work together in teams that they will be most comfortable in taking risks with. If i pair them up, they will most likely not get as far as with the peers they choose themselves.

I am aware that this will make things possibly more noisy and also that students will not be as focused at times. There is always the chance that I will be wrong and that the groups they choose will run smoothly. This is what I am hoping more than anything. 

  Selecting Groups
  Student Grouping: Selecting Groups
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Now Presenting: Inventions

Unit 14: iPad Lessons
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT create a useful invention, write a simple script, and record their commercial using an iPad.

Big Idea: A fun way to introduce scripts and get students involved in ways they can use the iPad to present. This lesson brings up numerous ways for students to engage themselves in new learning.

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