Reflection: Real World Applications Multiplication Array Part II Filling It In - Section 3: Evidence of Learning


Recently I read the book Accessible Mathematics: Ten Instructional Shifts That Raise Student Achievement by Steven Leinwand. 

In the book, the author states one of our country's weakest mathematical skills is measurement.  This is one reason I included measurement in this lesson and didn't just have the students write or draw out the multiplication array. 

My goal this year is to include measurement in as many lessons as I can - using it as the basis for the rest of the concepts.  In looking back at this lesson I understand that creating a multiplication array is actually more review or scaffolding at the 5th grade level, but the measurement was a secondary but very applicable part of it.  Measurement is a big part of the Common Core Standards. 

  Opportunity to Include Measurement
  Real World Applications: Opportunity to Include Measurement
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Multiplication Array Part II Filling It In

Unit 2: Multiplication Madness
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to design a multiplication array, while also practicing their measurement skills.

Big Idea: A multiplication array is a visual representation of the multiplication concept that is easy for most students to understand and use.

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