Reflection: Lesson Planning Multiplication Array Part II Filling It In - Section 2: Exploration of Multiplication Arrays


When I taught this lesson this year I did not explain to my students the difference between the 2 × 3 and the 3 × 2.  I wanted to try teaching this lesson in a different way.  I will not do this again because it has taken me more time to have the students understand that building a 2 × 3 is different than a 3 × 2.  It did help with teaching students that when they are finding the factors of a number such as 6 they do not need to list the 2 and 3 twice.  

  I tried something new - but the old way was better!
  Lesson Planning: I tried something new - but the old way was better!
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Multiplication Array Part II Filling It In

Unit 2: Multiplication Madness
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to design a multiplication array, while also practicing their measurement skills.

Big Idea: A multiplication array is a visual representation of the multiplication concept that is easy for most students to understand and use.

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