Reflection: Organizational Systems Tier Vocabulary: Words that stick - Section 2: Mini-Lesson


The Post-It Parking Lot is an incredible tool that we use about once a week in my classroom. It is displayed on the wall throughout the year and the students become familiar with how to use it very quickly within the first few weeks of school. Basically, each student has a parking spot in the parking lot with their class number. I can easily see which students did not complete their task when there are empty parking spots. This creates accountability on the students’ part. Using sticky notes is a quick and easy way for students to show their understanding of a concept. In addition to looking for great examples to share during the lesson closing, I can also scan to see if there are any students that have misunderstandings of the concept. I collect those sticky notes afterward and plan a strategy group for those students for the next day. The Post-It Parking Lot is also a great tool for other subject areas. In math, I can give a problem for students to solve on their sticky notes and quickly assess their understanding. In science or social studies, I like to take polls by asking a question and having students answer it with a sticky note on the Post-It Parking Lot. It’s definitely one of my favorite resources in the classroom. 

  Post It Parking Lot Tool
  Organizational Systems: Post It Parking Lot Tool
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Tier Vocabulary: Words that stick

Unit 8: Tier Vocabulary Unit
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT identify Tier 2 Words in their own text independently.

Big Idea: Independent practice with the concept of Tier 2 Words

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