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I have been thinking a lot lately about balance in my own life. I am terrible at building in down time so that my mind is rested and ready to do all that is required of me as a teacher and teacher leader. I've been a procrastinator my whole life, but I find that recently, I procrastinate by doing work for other projects rather than taking time off to regroup and be human again.

How does this translate to my teaching philosophy? I realize that it is important to help students see the larger perspective of all that we are doing. When we wrote all the due dates and suggested work times on the board today, all of them came up to take pictures with their phones (my how times have changed!) and there was a visible measure of relief.

Do I advocate that we take rest days all the time? I can't do that because really, it is also important to give students multiple opportunities to meet or exceed the standards. However, based on what I observed today, I do think it is important to rest and regroup regularly enough that my students have the opportunity to get their heads around things and, ultimately, do better with what I want them to do.

  The Importance of Taking a Day of Rest
  Routines and Procedures: The Importance of Taking a Day of Rest
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A Day of Rest and Regrouping

Unit 7: Argument: Persuasive Speaking and Rhetorical Anlaysis
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate their ability to read texts that are at or above their grade level independently by participating in an extended period of silent reading time.

Big Idea: Sometimes you just have to pause and regroup. Today is that day.

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