Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge John Henry- A Man or a Myth? - Section 1: Setting a Purpose


I love to tell stories to my students, although my own children would probably cringe if they knew I was sharing their personal lives. The story above really happened, and I think that's why students bought into it so well. They asked a lot of questions, and I had to redirect them back to the lesson. Still, I was reminded of the value of making connections to personal experience in teaching and learning.

  making stories personal
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: making stories personal
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John Henry- A Man or a Myth?

Unit 1: Literary Analysis: Reading for Meaning, Evidence, and Purpose
Lesson 10 of 11

Objective: SWBAT...apply their understanding of inferring to respond to questioning on a passage from "John Henry".

Big Idea: We put together text clues—information in a text—and our schema—what we already know—to make inferences about a text.

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Listening and Speaking, English / Language Arts, Reading, Vocabulary, evidence, schema, questioning strategy
  40 minutes
john henry
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