Reflection: Student Ownership Character Actions and Reactions - Learning from Fable Characters - Section 4: Closing the Loop


Although this wasn't a paper and pencil exit ticket the student connections to the stories were such a good indicator of their understanding. To be honest I got a lot of blank stares at first when I asked what connections they had to the stories and their grandparent's lessons taught......nothing. Then I shared that my parents always told me not to go out by myself after dark because it wasn't safe - just like the big, bad wolf was lurking outside. After that, once they got going there was no stopping and I had to laugh because I had recess duty and heard a group of them continuing to share with another 5th grade class all the fables and lessons they had learned and how their parents stories were so much like them. I think I need a little credit from the parents on this one!

Its fun because they didn't realize they were learning and they spread their learning to another class. The other teacher is doing the lessons next week so it will be fun to compare.


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  Student Ownership: Connections to Text
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Character Actions and Reactions - Learning from Fable Characters

Unit 10: FABLE-olous lessons learned from stories
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT...determine themes in six Aesops Fables, justify their responses with text support, and identify a common pattern found in fables.

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