Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Circle and Stars: Grouping Compared to Arrays - Section 3: The Writing Assignment: Combined math and writing lesson


These student samples have given me understanding that my students were able to see the benefit of understanding arrays versus just using grouping that they had learned in third grade. This is a good example of how using CCSS helps build understanding of multiplication. Our third grade teachers used the grouping model to help students understand the basics of multiplication. We revisited it and I emphasized, like arrays, that the order in which the factor is presented guides how the group is drawn. I think they understand that and I will see it understood on their quizzes.

The first student does a really decent job of giving reasons why he likes arrays and how they work as a good tool for identifying factor pairs. He compares the two but he doesn't elaborate as deeply as I had hoped. It is clear and concise writing and really very good. He understands that using an array is a lot easier than drawing groups.Writing about arrays : sample 1

In the second sample, the student doesn't really answer the comparison question, but can show he understands the difference. He needs to work on a complete explanation. He refers to his drawings with arrows and I had hoped he could connect his drawings to explaining the difference and decide which was a better tool.Writing about arrays: sample 2

The third sample shows understanding and is written really well. She compares the two models of multiplication well.Writing about arrays: sample 3. None of them connect factor pairs directly to the array model as a reason for using it.


  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Looking at Student Samples
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Circle and Stars: Grouping Compared to Arrays

Unit 4: Concepts of Multiplication
Lesson 5 of 12

Objective: SWBAT compare how to represent a product of two factors by grouping or by using arrays and decide which is a better tool to represent factor pairs.

Big Idea: Students explain the difference between arrays and grouping to represent multiplication.

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