Reflection: Unit Planning War of the Worlds: Story Tellers who Turn Fiction Into Reality - Section 2: Let's Get Started: The Truth is Out There!


The class just finished a unit.  I wanted to start the next unit that focuses on literary elements, however I took some time to reflect on my students and their needs.  I teach in a predominantly Catholic area.  Also my school is 71% Hispanic with the majority of the Hispanic population tracing their heritage to Mexico.  In Tucson culture, Dios de los Muertos is an important holiday.  It will fall on a Friday this year.  I suspect that eight to ten of my students will be absent on Friday and possibly Monday.  Therefore it is not the best time to start a new unit.  

So I chose to create a mini unit that focuses on some of the standards that I already covered, but my students need to continue to build their skills.  It is also an accessible assignment for students to complete if they are out of town with their family.

  I know students will not be at school
  Unit Planning: I know students will not be at school
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War of the Worlds: Story Tellers who Turn Fiction Into Reality

Unit 4: There Is Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: SWBAT use compare and contrast strategies to discuss America’s fears by analyzing information from the PBS documentary American Experience: War of the Worlds and drawing on personal experience.

Big Idea: Don't turn that dial--radio dial that is. How does language create audience credibility?

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