Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines Subtraction and Addition of Multi-digit Numbers: Assessing Our Growth - Section 3: Conferencing with Students


My hopes for this class is that they get used to having to explain their thinking and their math processes and concepts. It is coming slowly. They were happy to see their growth. One girl, after looking at her tests promptly packed them in her take home folder without a thought. I realized it was habit. They have examined their assessements before, but I waited until now for them to look at their pre and post tests to see their growth because subtraction, word problems and estimation proved to be really challenging for even the highest of my students.

Their plan helped them produce some smoothly written paragraphs. These will be kept in their portfolios to look at later in the year. For those who haven't mastered certain skills, they will be supported with RTI and we will try again later on down the road.

Take a glimpse at student written responses.  Each one lends itself to supporting what I need to do to advance them to master their thinking  and taking responsibility for understanding that they are striving to mastery...not just earning grades. What I would use in my life...subtracting... This student doesn't go into detail and give any examples.I know it all....? Not. This little boy thinks he has it aced. He appears in the video and needs to learn to use equations with variables. Remembering my corned beef story...not focused on self. I told a story while I was emphasizing real world scenarios about estimation. I was charged $65 a pound for corned beef once. I guess the story stuck...and she is aware of what she needs to work on, but needs to tell me her story. She isn't applying estimation to her life yet.Still worried about the right answer. This boy is still thinking that the purpose for all of this is to just get the right answer. He tries to write a little more deeply...and will master it soon. Lastly, there is  A sample of a plan for writing. I expect my math students to write using a plan in mathematics to prepare them for the new Smarter Balanced tests, and for good strategies to organize their thoughts.



  Writing Across the Disciplines: My hopes
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Subtraction and Addition of Multi-digit Numbers: Assessing Our Growth

Unit 10: Addition and Subtraction: Algorithms to One Million
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT assess their growth in mastery of standards involving rounding, adding and subtracting of multi-digit numbers and solving multi-step word problems.

Big Idea: Students examine their pre and post tests to evaluate what standards are mastered and which need to still be mastered through writing a reflection.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Operations , subtraction, Writing in Math, student accountability, rounding, multidigit numbers, Test Review
  50 minutes
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