Reflection: Complex Tasks Cherished Object or Literary Symbol--Students Decide! - Section 1: Cherished Object Discussion


Since I plan to have the students write amazing narratives that have symbolism, it is important that they first buy in to the assignment by bringing an object that is important to each of them.  Then, when they will write their stories, the object needs to appear 2-3 times, for sure creating a motif and often creating a literary symbol.

The students did a nice job of bringing in... a signed Major League baseball, a baby stuffed bunny, a photo of an experience.  It's really neat that the students brought in something that they really thought was important to share.  I do mention that they will use these objects in the stories that they will write, but I can just as easily see holding off on that and letting it be a surprise for a later lesson. 

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Cherished Object or Literary Symbol--Students Decide!

Unit 5: Literary: Point of View & Perspective in American Born Chinese
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: SWBAT identify and explain symbolic objects in American Born Chinese by explaining a cherished object.

Big Idea: Cherished object = motif = strongly connotative words --> figurative language analysis!

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