Reflection: Checks for Understanding Puzzling Portraits! - Section 3: Guided Practice


Allowing the opportunity for students to demonstrate their understanding by CREATING, is one of most powerful strategies a classroom teacher can use to check for understanding and assessment. 

As I was walking around, I could easily assess and determine which students were finding success and which students needed more guidance and assistance.  This work time, allowed me to work one on one with those students who were struggling.  This activity was a tricky one because even if a student could analyze figurative language with 100 percent accuracy, assessing whether or not they could create their own, personal, original examples was a completely different task. 

I did have a couple of students who really struggled with this activity.  They could not think in such an abstract way to create comparisons between themselves and objects.  I ended up providing the students with some objects I felt were a good comparison and then had the students work through to create and write the similes and metaphors.  I found this to be VERY helpful and just the push they needed to find success!

  Guided Practice Reflection
  Checks for Understanding: Guided Practice Reflection
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Puzzling Portraits!

Unit 3: Unit 2: Part I- Elements of Fiction
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: SWBAT create similes in metaphors in their writing.

Big Idea: Students get creative designing puzzling portraits using similes and metaphors!

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