Reflection: Trust and Respect Creative Writing and Point of View - Section 3: Creative Writing Meandering Monkeys


This was a pretty exciting episode in class.  The students had a great bit of fun creating the narrative voices in Meandering Monkey responses.  Unfortunately, the photocopies are hard to read, but one begins to see that the students are enjoying flexing their literary muscles a bit.

What is more important is that the students are each willing to read this short bit to the class and to hear their other classmates' work.  These are short, low-risk sketches, and thus we are attempting to build the kind of trust that will be required when students read longer works to one another.  In this way, I am trying to foster a community of writers.  This can be a lot of fun, and so far, so good.  Tomorrow, I will ask students to bring in a "cherished object," which ends up becoming a literary symbol in their short stories.  But because the cherished object is personal in nature, the level of respect and support needed in the class will need to amp up.  

  Trust and Respect: Reflection on Meandering Monkeys
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Creative Writing and Point of View

Unit 5: Literary: Point of View & Perspective in American Born Chinese
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: SWBAT narrate a story from alternate points of view by explaining how these structural choices affect the story's content.

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