Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Researching Different Kinds of Evidence About Issues By Using Non-fiction Texts - Section 3: Independent Practice


The reason why the planning sheet has "Central Idea/Question" was for students to think through the questions they asked in order to devise a central idea. Some students were able to take their question and write down the central idea easily, others struggled. After about 5 minutes of independent instruction, I told the students, "If you can not think of a way to turn your question into a central idea, just jot down the question for now and your evidence." These students then became my small group after they finish their Internet research tomorrow. 

  Making Questions Central Ideas
  Diverse Entry Points: Making Questions Central Ideas
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Researching Different Kinds of Evidence About Issues By Using Non-fiction Texts

Unit 4: Research Essay
Lesson 7 of 15

Objective: SWBAT will research the topic of their choosing with a question in mind in order to find different kinds of evidence for their essay using print sources.

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