Reflection: Rigor Dividing Fractions within word problems - Section 3: Word Problems Independent Practice


As I've been teaching the concept of dividing fractions, many of my colleagues ask me why I don't use the standard algorithm of multiplying by the reciprocal.  My response is this. As a teacher, I want my students to understand the "why" component of their learning.  Far too long we have been shoveling information in to our children and not developing a deeper understanding.  I tell them that I learned to multiply by the recipricol  and only until recently could I explain the "why" part. With that said, I tell them that the students are increasing their mathematical rigor by providing multiple representations to one problem.  They are also implementing practice 3 by proving their solution is correct.  They must provide support to their solution with an  understanding of "why" along with their visual representation which is justifying their answer.  The students are also modeling the mathematics which is SMP 4.


Video Explanations (Dividing fractions word problems) of the problems used in this lesson.  I skipped the bucket filling question.  After more practice and a better understanding, I will bring this question back to see how they do with it. 

  Rigor: Word problems explained
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Dividing Fractions within word problems

Unit 4: Number Sense
Lesson 15 of 26

Objective: SWBAT divide fractions within word problems using multiple representations.

Big Idea: : This lesson completes the conceptual understanding of dividing with fractions by using it with real life problems.

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