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I really want my students to focus more on the point of view instead of who is telling certain parts of the text.  I think I spend too much time trying to help my students locate the speakers and narrator.  I noticed this when my students did not write the point of view on the graphic organizer.  Students located the speaker and narrator, but did not tell me their point of view.  I think it is important to emphasize the author's point.

I think I probably did this because I have been worried about this skill. I knew that my students were not familiar with quotations or the word narrator and I over emphasized that in the lesson.  I feel that it is easy as a teacher to get off track when you are worried about students understanding prerequisite skills.  The big idea here is to teach the author's point not the text features.

I find that when I use a graphic organizer that is pre-made instead of generating my own I am more capable to concentrate on the big focus skill in the lesson.  I have attached a graphic organizer that I would use if I taught this lesson again. The Basic Level Work that we created is in the resource section.

  Complex Tasks: Student Work
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Who Said That?

Unit 2: Point of View
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: SWBAT determine a character's point of view in a text.

Big Idea: This is another lesson for students to determine a character's point of view from in a complex text.

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