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I completely befuddled my students today. I really should have waited to have them create these folders until we were out of the lab later this week. I thought it would be helpful for them to have the structure in place in advance, but it really just felt like something completely different to their research process and caused them to stall in a state of overwhelmed panic about the project as a whole. 

Because of this flub, I have decided two things. First, I am going to move the speech due date back to after Thanksgiving. They need more time to research/plan/organize and I need to provide some class time to help them with this. Second, I called the class back together and told them to just ignore the folders and focus on the annotated bibliography. Tomorrow in class I will just make the whole day about reading and regrouping so that we can work through our priority list together.

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Diving Into Inquiry

Unit 7: Argument: Persuasive Speaking and Rhetorical Anlaysis
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Objective: SWBAT conduct short research by working on their persuasive speech annotated bibliographies.

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