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As much as I want to see every student succeed, it doesn't always happen. A few students are still unprepared for their final discussion today, even though it is a summative assessment.

For these students, there are still options. Discussion is a skill we will continuously use this year, in small groups and as a whole class. After further practice, students can request a re-evaluation of their discussion skills and show me that they can, in fact, prepare and share effectively. However, the ball is now in their court. I will not initiate this assessment; they must come to me with proof of improved skill and a request for re-evaluation. While I will encourage this, I will not require it. Sometimes students must step up for their own education.

  It's Not All Rosey
  Accountability: It's Not All Rosey
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Final Novel Discussion

Unit 2: Finding Themes and Making Inferences in Literature
Lesson 12 of 17

Objective: Students will be able to discuss a novel by posing and responding to questions, incorporating others into discussion, and presenting their own ideas and justifications.

Big Idea: Moving beyond talking at one another--true discussion.

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