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Given that not everyone had their rough draft with them today and that I still required those students to partake in revision, I had some gaps in the essay line. A brief gap isn't much of an issue, but unfortunately, I had one line of students who ALL forgot their essay, resulting in a LARGE gap. Students down the line from this gap had little to do as we revised.

The next time I run this activity and find that not everyone is prepared, I will be sure to rearrange students during this preparation phase so that there are no large gaps of missing essays. In this way, everyone will have an equal opportunity to read and offer feedback to peers.

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A Personal Declaration Essay, Threaded Revision

Unit 1: Persuasive Writing
Lesson 19 of 22

Objective: Students will be able to provide specific critical feedback to peers by participating in a threaded revision.

Big Idea: All for one and one for all--sharing the work for peer revision.

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English / Language Arts, revision (Writing Process), editing, peer revision, threaded revision
  45 minutes
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