Reflection: Trust and Respect Smile! Picture Day and Just Enough Time For "A House Of My Own" - Section 2: Reviewing and Concluding "A House of My Own"


As I touched on in the video, I try to create an opportunity each day that makes a student happy he/she came to class, regardless of how much time we get.  Sometimes that opportunity, however, is provided by a student himself.

Today's reason for coming to class was provided by Miles.  As we completed the essay "A House Of My Own," and my students realized how soon after the author's visit from her mother was followed by her mother's death, they were audibly moved by this discovery. "Oh, how sad!" and "Awww" were the most popular reactions.

Just as class was ending, however, Miles raised his hand to offer a final thought.  He proposed the idea that parents who are near death sometimes hold on just long enough, to be sure that their children will be alright without them.  In his assessment, this must be what the author's mother was doing. He spoke with calculation and with a wisdom beyond his years.  We were a rapt audience. 

Bravo, Miles.  I'm so glad I came to English class today. 

  I'm Glad I Came To Class Today
  Trust and Respect: I'm Glad I Came To Class Today
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Smile! Picture Day and Just Enough Time For "A House Of My Own"

Unit 4: House on Mango Street Part III
Lesson 11 of 12

Objective: SWBAT review and share their answers to a series of questions about a portion of the essay "A House Of My Own" by Sandra Cisneros and then finish reading the essay.

Big Idea: Making the most of a shortened class period.

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