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I cannot even describe how exciting it is to see 6th grade students annotate text! It is such an important skill that most teachers at this level shy away from because of its complexity.  However, with the shift to using more complex text, I feel it is very important for students to learn to annotate the text. 

Modeling the skill with Ana, in the novel Seedfolks worked very well.  The students were able to see my thinking and even contributed their own ideas as to what they would annotate-which created a very teachable moment in regards to background knowledge and personal experiences bring to reading and understanding.  I was able to point out how one person's life experiences may give them a different perspective on the text than what I was thinking. 

This activity lead to great discussions and the students really soared with the skill! I felt them interacting with text like they have never done before! Even my lower readings felt power having that pen in their hands and tearing the text apart!

I discovered that not only is it an important skill, but also very empowering!

  Annotating Reflection
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Annotating Reflection
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Setting Up the Group!

Unit 3: Unit 2: Part I- Elements of Fiction
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: Students will work in literature circles to analyze a longer complex text.

Big Idea: Taking it to the next level! The students stretch their wings and put their analyzing skills to the test.

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