Reflection: Complex Tasks Similarities and Differences between Two Text About Martin Luther King - Section 3: Partner Work


I got confused and tried to share some of the author's strategies like using narrator, first person, and third person as  I explained the text structure. I do think understanding the structure helps students, but I should have only talked about the similarities and differences. I often try to stretch my students thinking and it winds up creating some kind of mess (Work). Well, on the t-chart the proficient student work shows they found a similarity, but the also commented on first and third person. First and third person really does not have anything to do with what I wanted on the t-chart. They were supposed to list things about each text, and then identify what was similar and different. They should have circled in blue what is similar and in red what is different. Next time I will keep my goal and the things I "add" more lesson related.

  Complex Tasks: Reflection
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Similarities and Differences between Two Text About Martin Luther King

Unit 15: Similarities and Differences Between Informational Texts
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: SWBAT understand the author's perspective by comparing two text.

Big Idea: Learn about American history as students analyze text.

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English / Language Arts, informational text, similarities and differences
  55 minutes
martin luther
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