Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Multiplying with Fractions - Section 2: Multiplying fractions using area models


The area model works very well for multiplying fractions by fractions and fractions by whole numbers.  What doesn't work so well is using the model to multiply mixed numbers... it's so complicated.

See youtube video


I watched this video to help me learn how to do it.  Although I understood how to do it, I felt that it would be way to complicated for the students to understand.  So, I practiced using area models when I could and then got the students to notice the algorithm.  Then when it came to mutliplying mixed numbers, I asked them how we could apply the algorithm (multiplying numerators, multiplying denominators) to these numbers.  I questioned them about having just numerators and denominators.  I had them looking at the numbers to decide what we had.  Finally, one student was able to tell me to change the mixed number into an improper fraction and then we wil have a numerator and a denominator only.  

  Using the area model and when to use the standard algorithm
  Adjustments to Practice: Using the area model and when to use the standard algorithm
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Multiplying with Fractions

Unit 4: Number Sense
Lesson 12 of 26

Objective: SWBAT multiply with fractions using models.

Big Idea: Students will use their understanding of multiplying fractions and apply it to dividing fractions which is a key component in common core.

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