Reflection: High Expectations Close Read: A Day's Work - Craft and Structure - Section 2: Second Read - Focusing in on Abuelo's Reaction


These close read discussions are exactly what were missing from my elementary school literature lessons.  We didn't really discuss literature until I got to high school.  All reading was in elementary was reading a text and answering basic questions.  With the CCSS we are now creating higher expectations for our students and they are meeting or exceeding those expectations.  Today's discussion was no exception.  The students continue to amaze me!

  High Expectations: WOW!!!
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Close Read: A Day's Work - Craft and Structure

Unit 9: Close Read - A Day's Work
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT find the author's purpose and identify the structure of the text.

Big Idea: Day two of our close read lesson on "A Day's Work" focuses on the craft and structure of the piece. Why did the author write this text? How is the text organized?

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