Reflection: Transitions Comparing Two Ways to Read! - Section 2: Mini-Lesson


This was a very fun lesson for the students.  They loved having permission to read like a curmudgeon.  And since it was so fun, I needed to stop the students a few minutes into their partner work and refocus them.  Because....

When things do not go as you had planned or envisioned.  It's O.K. don't panic!  The moment just became a teachable moment.  When an activity doesn't look or sound like it should you can always quickly and calmly get the students attention.  Ask them what is going well with partner work?  Call on a few students.  Then repeat what they said and agree with them.  Then importantly say, what things did you see or hear that was not going well?  Call on a few kids to call out what they noticed. Restate the goals of the lesson and restate what the expectations are and try it again.  I find this always improve things.

  Transitions: Take two- classroom management strategies
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Comparing Two Ways to Read!

Unit 4: Informational Texts
Lesson 1 of 2

Objective: SWBAT read a short passage without meaning and then with meaning because they use expression, fluency, and intonation to determine main idea and details.

Big Idea: Help students READ with Prosody- to understand the Main Idea of a Paragraph!

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