Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Doubles & Doubles +1 Practice - Section 3: Independent Practice


I had three students that I had come over to the small group table to get started.  They were not sure where to start.  We got the unifix cubes out and talked about what a double was.  They knew, so we looked at the first one, which we had done together at the carpet.  10+10=20  10+11=21.  The next addend is 2:  How can we use this addend in a double.  They knew 2+2=4 and recorded that one fine, the doubles +1 was recorded as 2+1.  We looked again at the 10+11.  I asked did we do 10+1?  Why not?  We have to make the double one more.

I was able to send one student back to their table and the other two stayed at the small group table to work.  Sometimes students just need that little extra support of knowing that we are within close proximity.  They did the rest on their own.  

  Differentiated Instruction
  Diverse Entry Points: Differentiated Instruction
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Doubles & Doubles +1 Practice

Unit 1: Problem Solving Addition
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT use their knowledge of doubles and doubles +1 to solve basic facts

Big Idea: Doubles and doubles +1 are two strategies that 1st graders use to help them solve their basic facts and even two-digit addition

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