Reflection: Gradual Release Faulty Logic: Circular Reasoning - Section 1: What is Circular Reasoning ?


Students were able to explain the concepts I introduced them in the flipchart regarding Circular Reasoning, aka "Begging the Question" in their own words (Circular  Saying it in their own words help translate the definitions into applicable terms by activating prior knowledge and experiences.

  Gradual Release: Student's Own Words
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Faulty Logic: Circular Reasoning

Unit 16: Errors in Reasoning Examined
Lesson 4 of 11

Objective: SWBAT write examples of opinions with errors in reasoning about a given topic.

Big Idea: Sections What is Self-Contradiction Duration: 20 minutes. In order to teach the Common Core writing standards of using reasoning to support opinions, I guide students to explore faulty logic. Faulty logic is an argument that l

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circular reasoning
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