Reflection: I am Home and Stuck How Do I Get Help? - Section 4: Closure


It is interesting that the students said what we have done is useful but are also ready to learn some math.  

I do these lessons because we have a lot of new students for the first week of school.  As of today we are averaging around 10 new students each day.  By teaching these lessons, I am able to learn something about the students, prepare students for learning and not have students that are behind in the mathematics.

It is much easier to give students the articles we have read and the website information to do on their own.  

From experience, I have learned that my school takes about a week to get into the years routine.

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I am Home and Stuck How Do I Get Help?

Unit 1: Introduction to Learning Mathematics
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT determine internet sites and tools to assist them with problems when they are at home or not in the classroom.

Big Idea: Through exploration good resources for getting help are found. Test internet tools such as online graphing calculators and common core tools to determine ease of use and accessibility.

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