Reflection: Student Ownership Irregular VS Regular Polygons - Section 1: Opener


The successfulness of this portion of this lesson(and every lesson for that matter) depends on the amount energy I put into teaching.  When I examine the level of engagement in my room I can always look back to high engagement lessons and identify a common denominator.  My energy and enthusiasm are directly related to level of engagement in my classroom.  Does this make sense?  Yes!  If I expect the students to be highly engaged and excited about learning, shouldn’t my level excitement be high as well?  You bet cha!

To keep a high level of energy all day long as an educator can be exhausting but only if you are the one doing all the work.  As my understanding and use of the CCS deepens, I have begun to create lessons that more student centered.  This type of lessons allows the educator to get off their podium and spend more time conversing with students to "socialize" their learning.  Of course, excitement is still needed when working with small groups, but not as much energy is required compared to keeping an entire class engaged in your instruction.  The student-centered environment is a much more rewarding teaching space for me, as well, because it develops students that are motivated to learn. 

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Irregular VS Regular Polygons

Unit 7: Geometry
Lesson 11 of 22

Objective: Students will be able to group polygons into the categories of irregular and regular.

Big Idea: It’s okay to be irregular... if you are a two-dimensional shape.

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Math, Geometry, discussions
  45 minutes
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