Reflection: Student Grouping People, Places and Objects That Will Help Us Write Meaningful Memoirs - Section 3: Independent Practice


This lesson went well today. The majority of the students were using action, dialogue and inner thinking in their writing. We had to practice the partner activity once and then again. It is important to remember when students are just getting into partners, it may be kind of messy at first. It takes practice and comfort with each other when they are still getting to know one another or have not practiced that routine before. The important thing I have to remember as a teacher is that practice with any new routine is important. If I truly think the routine is important to learning in my classroom, then I have to practice it over and over again until my students perform it skillfully. 

  Reflection on Using Detail and Partner Work
  Student Grouping: Reflection on Using Detail and Partner Work
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People, Places and Objects That Will Help Us Write Meaningful Memoirs

Unit 1: Using Mentor Texts,Generating Ideas and Planning for Drafting Memoirs
Lesson 6 of 9

Objective: SWBAT generate ideas from their own lives about people, places and objects and turn them into small meaningful moments.

Big Idea: Capture people, places and objects in your writing like a photographer would in a picture.

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