Reflection: Accountability Way to Go/Way to Grow: A Revision and Peer Evaluation Strategy - Section 4: Follow Up with RADaR Revision


Teachers can support the revision process by incorporating the use of Microsoft Word's markup feature into the RADaR revision process and as a follow-up to "Way to Go-Way to Grow."Revision of Student Essay.mp4

  Accountability: Supporting Revision
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Way to Go/Way to Grow: A Revision and Peer Evaluation Strategy

Unit 5: The Readiness Is All: Engaging Your Students in Persuasive Writing
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT articulate what they like about a peer's essay and what they would like to see revised.

Big Idea: Listening to a peer read his/her essay supports the revision process for the writer and responder.

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English / Language Arts, revision (Writing Process), RADaR Revision, Way to Go, Microsoft Word Markup
  60 minutes
students in groups using way to go way to
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