Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Capacity Conjectures & Number Line - Section 4: Student Practice


Here's Another Incorrect Conjecture!. I couldn't help but share it! The student then worked on Disproving & Changing! the conjecture to align with his "evidence." When reflecting on this lesson and the moments in which students courageously provided counterexamples, I'm reminded of the power of discourse, questioning, analyzing situations, and justifying conclusions. In those moments my students' mathematical understanding grew as well as their confidence! It was such an empowering experience!  

  Discourse and Questioning: Reflection
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Capacity Conjectures & Number Line

Unit 2: Measuring Capacity
Lesson 7 of 9

Objective: SWBAT make conjectures about Customary units of capacity and explore the truth of their conjectures.

Big Idea: Mathematically proficient students are able to analyze relationships between quantities, construct plausible arguments, and find evidence that either proves or disproves each conjecture.

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