Reflection: Student Feedback Developing a Conceptual Framework: Gender Codes - Section 3: Silent Stand-Up Activity and Establishing Conceptual Framework


I've done this activity many times in classes, and it is always a powerful experience.  There is something about the silently standing up and watching their peers do the same that moves the students, and today was no exception.  I was a little worried it wouldn't work well because their are only 12 students in the class and four boys, but they all participated, and the students had a lot to say afterwards (two asked if they can borrow the book to do the activity with their peer leadership class).  Hopefully this self-reflection will stay with them as we dig into the readings and eventual personal narratives they write at the end of the unit.

  Always a Strong Activity
  Student Feedback: Always a Strong Activity
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Developing a Conceptual Framework: Gender Codes

Unit 6: Thematic Unit: Gender and the Rhetorical Power of Narrative
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Objective: SWBAT recognize the impact of gender roles in society through writing, discussing, and thinking about their own experiences.

Big Idea: The gender codes American society has defined are part of many of the decisions we make, and most of us are not immune to this effect.

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Writing, English / Language Arts, argument (Reading Comp), Literature, background knowledge, conceptual framework, memoir, rhetorical strategy, rhetorical analysis, AP
  70 minutes
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