Reflection: Rhetoric and Advertising: Clint Eastwood at Halftime - Section 2: Analysis of Text Only


Students were thoughtful and sharing some nice insights, but I found that the nature of my questions were most often working to have them be more specific in their analysis.  For example, one student noted how the writer speaks to the world audience when he says they'll hear "the roar of our engines."  I continued to question the student about the tone--what effect this might have on the world audience by asking what the purpose generally is behind a "roar."  This is indicative of the kind of questioning I was doing--asking about specific word choices, syntax, etc., indicating to me that we will have to focus in on specificity going forward.

Also, this part took more time than I expected, because establishing audience was a bit of a challenge.  We took some time to define the primary Superbowl-viewing audience this was geared toward, given the tone, imagery, etc.  It is interesting that when looking at items from pop culture, it is more of a challenge for them to look at the text objectively (since they watched the Superbowl--they didn't realize that there are large segments of audience that rhetoric can be aimed at).  I will have to keep this in mind as we go forward--to consider biases readers bring to a text.

  Working on Specificity
  Working on Specificity
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Rhetoric and Advertising: Clint Eastwood at Halftime

Unit 2: Understanding Rhetoric
Lesson 4 of 13

Objective: SWBAT use rhetorical analysis tools to analyze a video advertisement, and learn how visual tools can be used for rhetorical effect.

Big Idea: Visuals juxtaposed with language can create compelling rhetorical appeals

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Reading, English / Language Arts, Comprehension (Reading), analyze details and draw conclusions, advertising, rhetorical strategy, video, rhetorical analysis
  75 minutes
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