Reflection: Rigor What Can You Do Alone? - Section 2: Interact with text/concept


For my ELLs, verbs can be very tricky, especially progressive verbs.  Not only do they struggle for the words and their meaning, the progressive form is not something they use all of the time in their conversations; collaborative, academic or casual.  This text gives them examples of both regular and progressive verbs in context.  The picture support is excellent.  My students really extract meaning from the read!

  Progressive verbs
  Rigor: Progressive verbs
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What Can You Do Alone?

Unit 6: Thanksgiving
Lesson 11 of 14

Objective: SWBAT listen to an unencumbered read of Alone or Together, Which is Better? SWBAT extract verbs based on the picture support.

Big Idea: Alone or Together? Which is better and when?

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