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This project does use a lot of ink and supplies. To help with this I make a request from my parents to either donate ink, paper or presentation boards or to print their child's pictures at home. They are very receptive because we do not do very many large projects like this during the year. 

This year I even had a parent donate a printer to my class so that students could print inside and not have to send it to the staff printer - such a huge time saver!

  Supply Considerations
  Parent Communication: Supply Considerations
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Displaying Learning in Creative Ways

Unit 9: Step-By-Step to Producing Amazing Research Presentations!
Lesson 9 of 11

Objective: SWBAT...create visual display boards that depict the topic and illustrations describing their research informational reports

Big Idea: Visual learning can happen all around us! We can share what we have learned with our audiences by showing and telling what we know.

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