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This lesson was developed from the data I received on the state's progress monitoring assessment. One of the writing prompts was to give an opinion with details from the text as support. As a grade level team, we graded our school's responses and it was apparent they did not know how to do this type of writing. 

I took the actual rubric from the grading (I checked to make sure it was okay) and the students examples of those scores. I ran off enough student examples for groups and cut them apart making sure they did not show what score it was modeling. These examples will be what the students will grade. I also made copies of the article so they could reference and read it if needed for their grading. 

The idea is that if students can develop an idea of the writing expectations it will be easier to guide them through more lessons that require this kind of response. I will be able to reference back to this lesson while practicing. I always like students to see what insufficient work looks like too. It is not to make them feel bad, but to understand the expectations and have a model to refer back to. 

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Ranking Writing: Group Activity

Unit 25: Beginning Paragraph Writing
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Objective: SWBAT read a passage and writing samples about it to determine the rank in which each response might be scored.

Big Idea: The shift of students needing to understand the expectations of how to state an opinion and give evidence to support it is tricky. In this lesson, students will be given writing samples that groups will have to rank by the article's evidence.

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