Reflection: ELL Students Batty for Main Idea - Section 1: Batty for Bats: Introducing the "Bat Mobile"


Differentiation is so important, but so is protecting the dignity of the students in the room.  In providing books at different levels, it is optimal to have books be about the same topic.  I don't ever want one group working with animal habitats and one group working with a painfully easy book about the zoo.  Even if the student needs a painfully easy book, I will search high and low and even bump their level up a bit to get them a book about the same topic.  

All kids know who is who in the classroom hierarchy but given books all on the same topic, it is less obvious that one group of kiddos is reading a "baby book".  I painstakingly chose these bat books so that all students' reading levels were represented but that their dignity was also protected.

  Reflection: Differentiating Texts
  ELL Students: Reflection: Differentiating Texts
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Batty for Main Idea

Unit 10: What It's All About: Exploring Main Idea and Supporting Details
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT read texts about bats and provide a main idea and at least three supporting details.

Big Idea: The ability to find the main idea of a text builds reading comprehension.

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