Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Using Columbus to Learn Bullets - Section 1: Reading Review


Popcorn is one way that I have found that allows a student led discussion to move along. Nothing is worse than that awkward pause and the class waiting for me to choose someone to talk next.

I start by telling them that they are going to use popcorn to move the discussion. I am there to help and ask questions if needed. I ask the first question and then call on one student. That student then comments and gives support. It is now their job to call on the next student. This keeps going student commenting and then choosing the next student. If the discourse dies down, and their is still time, I might ask another question. The only time I step in is if the discussion is needing help moving or focusing on the topic.

Something I had to teach them was to use "I Agree," or "I Disagree." They then follow that with their reason and support. It was decided that this is a much more polite way to carry on a conversation where we might disagree with someone. 

When I started using popcorn it was amazing what began to happen, students that normally minimally participate now do because they want one of their peers to call on them. This addition of ideas creates a more dynamic discussion. It also keeps the students moving and leading their way without me having to take charge.

  Student Led Inquiry: Popcorn
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Using Columbus to Learn Bullets

Unit 2: Columbus: Biography Discovery
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT write a list using bullets that relate to what we are reading in our Columbus biography.

Big Idea: Bullets can help us organize our notes and ideas. By using our biography students get a chance to create a bulleted list that is practical to our reading.

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