Reflection: Students with Disabilities Point to the Main Idea & Sounds In Literature - Section 3: Teachers' Turn


Students with language challenges benefit greatly from reading stories such as these because of the great illustrations and easy to understand stories. It's a great activity to help them explain what happened in the story and prompt them with language. The teacher can use the strategy of prompting for key details to helps students expand on their language and complete an activity.

I realize that I could have facilitated a better discussion with this student by introducing some words before we began this discussion that he could use when describing the story. Students often lack the words to describe a story, but that can be compensated for by teaching some vocabulary that they can access later to retell the story. Next time, I will review some words, before we discuss the ideas so he can refer to them.

  Students with Disabilities: Prompting for Students with Language Challenges
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Point to the Main Idea & Sounds In Literature

Unit 5: Summarizing: Use Main Idea and Supporting Details
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Objective: SWBAT identify themes of a text and show how figurative language creates a tone or mood for the story.

Big Idea: Show how the story is organized and add some fun sounds!

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English / Language Arts, Special Education, Reading, onomatopoeia, main ideas, story elements, summary, key details, ipad, figurative langauge, story structure
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